Christine Magnussen

Master Certified Health Coach

For as long as I can remember, I’d been tired of being exhausted, without the stamina to hike or travel or do what I loved! I decided to turn my life around, consulted with numerous skilled health professionals, received six reversible diagnoses, studied biochemistry, completed extensive training as a Master Certified Health Coach and continue my 30-year voracious consumption of nutrition knowledge.


Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude and Nutrition

Sleep apnea was a surprise diagnosis! No wonder I was without energy for most of my life – not enough oxygen! I found the right CPAP and improved my diet to give me sleep and improve my health overall!

Osteoporosis should not have been a shock because I have a family history and I had been sedentary for years. Now, I advise everyone over 55 to get a hip and spine DEXA bone scan for a baseline on your bone health. (Helpful bone-building activity is covered in our classes and personal coaching sessions!) I work carefully with a physical therapist to guard and guide me in balance, bone and muscle strengthening. I’m thrilled to see how much strength I’ve built in just a few months!

Combining skills as a social worker, personal development counselor, disco dance instructor for seniors, Diabetes Prevention instructor, Certified Food Psychology Coach, Science of Happiness trainer and “stress relief harp” teacher, I earned Master Certification as a senior health coach for clients from the notable science-based Dr. Sears Wellness Institute and am helping people like you recover your health!

Genuinely supporting individuals and groups using creative tools and fun is my purpose and passion! I have taught “Harp for Stress Relief” to hundreds online and in-person, was a featured guest speaker at a stress relief retreat for 725 women.

Christine Magnussen has a real gift for health coaching. Her knowledge and patient demeanor allow me a variety of choices and perspectives while honoring my pace. She is present with me – I feel heard!

Janette Johnson

Retired Teacher