It’s First CSA box day!

It’s First CSA box day!

I just picked up my First EVER CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) box!  I rushed it home to unveil the bounty. Thank you, Sam and Liza Janis of East of Eden Farms. You are doing amazing work for the planet and our palates.

A fabulous recipe is included with each week’s box for CSA members! This week, Sam featured his favorite “delicious, vinegary, fresh, nutritious salad dressing recipe.” OMG – WOWWW! This salad dressing is over the Moon! (Secret ingredients: fresh green garlic and maple syrup)

This week’s bounty:

Favorite food this week: Spring Mix – I could eat these everyday. The addition of fresh dill makes your salad mix my forever favorite.

Surprise: Koren Style Pickled Turnips – The perfect thing for my spicy guy for Father’s Day.

First tasting: Green garlic. I’ve never seen this in markets. Looks like green onions, but what a DELICIOUS zing it adds to any raw or cooked dish. An ingredient in Sam’s sweet vinegary salad dressing, green garlic is a sensory delight!

Braising greens – (Big variety of fresh greens) I love these in veggie scrambles and dinner side dishes.

Asparagus – Added to my omelette – perfect.

Fresh picked dill – Beautiful fresh fronds for potato salad, deviled eggs, salad dressings. So many foods awaiting you.

Red Radishes – So crunchy and fresh.

Spinach – Plump green lusciousness ready to jump into smoothies, salads, pasta sauce, omelettes and much more!

So many freshly-picked produce weeks to come with my CSA membership!

Can’t wait to see what’s in tomorrow’s harvest box! Stay tuned!

                                                       Cheers to Sam and Liza!

Anyone can buy from the East of Eden Farmstand all season at: 4974 Patton Rd. off Kelly Rd. between Bellingham & Lynden (Get on the CSA list  next year!)

Christine Magnussen is a Master Certified Health Coach and Master Food Preserver offering virtual and in-person health coaching in Bellingham, WA




Are you a Highly Sensitive Person?

Are you a Highly Sensitive Person?

I am a highly sensitive person and am among the 20% of the population who are HSPs. We are deeply touched by music and nature, are easily overstimulated, sensitive to some foods and environments. We enjoy deep connection with others and with animals. We are often teachers, counselors or artists. I was a hospice harpist and offered live harp therapy in health care settings.

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